Lifegym Prospectus


At Dreamspace Gallery and Workshops, 61 Carnarvon St, Gisborne

We have just begun a new kind of ‘gym’ here at Dreamspace Gallery and Workshops, Gisborne.  A safe haven for artists, spiritual and mental seekers to meet, create and synergise with others of like mind and heart.

A workout space for the mind and spirit -a supportive place to learn and create art and crafts, read, meditate, practice life-enhancing techniques from Positive Psychology to Chi Gong to Yoga… A space for the creative ‘misfit’ in you – a club for square pegs languishing in round holes… A learning gym to joyfully exercise mind and spirit, with workshops on a kaleidoscope of fascinating, life-enhancing topics from philosophy to writing to entrepreneurial startups to ferrocement. There’s a lounge and library, and facilities to make your own stuff to your heart’s content –

  • Painting studio
  • Picture framing, glasscutting, stained glass area
  • etching, embossing and woodcuts;
  • woodwork – bandsawing, routing, carving, cabinetmaking;
  • Blue Room for meditation etc
  • Library and fibre broadband
  • Bookbinding, embossed gold foiled covers and carved edges;
  • Stone/shell/bone carving jewellery and lapidary room
  • Routing and shaping room
  • mouldmaking and casting durable cement copies of your work in greenstone, marble, bronze and other finishes;
  • The Ferrocement yard for sculpture of anything from garden pots to ponds to statues to ‘hobbit cabins’
  • The large gallery room for meetings, talks, dancing, yoga etc, also exhibitions and other events.
  • The ‘upper room’ to eat, drink and lounge…

Much more… unlimited improvisation and creativity are routine round here!

What does it cost for access to all this abundance of stimulation and serious meaningful fun? Introductory pricing is just $19.99 a week casual, $17.77 a week with a year agreement, or only $15.55 weekly if you pay for a year in advance (a total of $808.60)

Safety and security: there is a code of practice and conduct to sign. Basically common sense combined with four foundational values to affirm allegiance to: Love, Beauty, Truth, and Freedom.

If you, or the misfit, idealist, creator and craftsperson in you, cautiously or incautiously love the sound of this, contact Peter Harris at 022 332 6568 or email for a no-obligation, honest and transparent chat. Then sign up and let the lounging and learning, crafting and creating begin!

Follow the Lifegym blog at to hear all about what we are doing and maybe join in the discussions, download free stuff, buy my books (:) etc. And do Like and Share us on Facebook. Thanks! Here’s to the misfit in all of us!


  • Individual and group life/art/writing coaching from Peter Harris (MA in philosophy) based on his 4phase creative process philosophy – see – and metaphysics, a mix of Plato, Pirsig (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance), Nietzsche, and others of the ‘Perennial Philosophy’ of the Western tradition (and some wisdom from the East, naturally! – mainly Taoism, Tantrism and Zen).

Our goal is to create in ourselves a dynamic, ultra-creative ‘Great Health’ as Nietzsche called it, honouring the Balance of masculine-feminine, left brain-right brain, rational and intuitive, dynamic progress and stable prosperity.


As in Star Trek, ‘It’s LIFE, Jim, but not as we know it.’ It’s LIFEGYM.

Come to Dreamspace and have a look and a chat with me now! (At present open Monday to Friday 10 AM to at least 4PM but I’m normally no more than 5 minutes away –  this is Gisborne!)


Follow us here at  or on the website   and get email notifications of new posts. Phone Peter Harris 022 3326568

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