Relaxing in uncertainty …with doglets!



Every club needs a couch… and at least one stuffed toy! The Red Hippo was rescued from oblivion for a ransOM (caps a Freudian slip !) of 50c at the salvation army gisborne… where we also save lots of free books from the landfill, get cheap frames and glass, and even the occasional high-end paper guillotine!

So what’s the uncertainty ? Really just doubt and angst about my suitability for the social challenge of starting a club of ANY sort… even one for creative misfits and sociophobes like me! That and the money needed to pay the rent rates and power…

Which brings me to the subject of electric kilns.. A friend and benefactor  of lifegym recently bought a kiln on trademe. ..for pottery possibly but mainly for melting metals. It’s nz made too! Ex art school, via a nice family. It was a pig to load and unload, but the trip down was very smooth. Here it is in place ready to put a heat proof floor area and stand under it and the electricity to be connected  (no..not by me!).

So… if you are a pottery, glass slumping, or metallurgy enthusiast, join us! And maybe give us a few tips:)

Also coming is a tumbler polisher for larger stones, small wooden items etc. Originally made for button tumbling by a no.8 wire nzer here who created an automated button machine. I should’ve bought the machine too! But we have a nice project now turning a sacred church pohutukawa branch that had to be cut as it was a trap for parishioners, stretching across the front path to the church. It’s my brother John’s Church,  Anglican Church on ponsonby rd. In Auckland. They want some holding crosses made. These are a lovely sacred object small and rounded for holding in the hand for comfort and inspiration. Also called comfort crosses.

Here’s my prototype :


Also, the blacksmiths project is slowly happening. Here’s my inspiration in gisborne – Another Peter, toolmaker, diemaker, engineer and now blacksmith :20181015_163222

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