Galleries to Dojos


Well there’s a transformation happening in the gallery… we’re drawing outlines on the gallery floor, about to build a round table of the tree of life… in five sectors… for deep discussions and brainstorming (see my for the theory of this… also… great new friends have joined to make this and other great things happen. The magic grows… Lifegym is happening! I have only to continue holding the space and it seems the Is takes care of the rest… or brings the help and people and materials to create this magical space. Doing without doing as the Tao says. Letting the Flow happen in and around us…

I have been intending to build a round table for 18 or so years… at Eutopia where we so should have had one… and now here in Gisborne. Always other things seemed more pressing… but if people can sit in a sacred circle and allow creativity to flow in all its phases in good order, great things may happen which show the pressing problems up for what they are: products of our lack of faith in the flow… The ‘Wu wei’ (is it?) is the right way… keeping in the flow state… ‘Slowing down to the speed of life’. Easy if we let it… paradoxically we must ‘strive to enter into that rest’ – pray and meditate more, rush less. I preach to myself… I hardly meke time all day to go into the Blue room and reconnect with that flow, though intending all day to do so…

So, intending today to ‘keep the main thing the main thing’ I will lengthen my to-don’t list, shorten my to-do list, and get that Round Table BUILT! And…’if we build it, they will come’… friends and co-creators of great goodness.

2 thoughts on “Galleries to Dojos

  1. Looks so impressive, Peter. Congratulations!


    1. Hi Anne… thanks! I’m looking forward to getting onto the round table building…everyday and also unique-day life does get in the way…


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